Erin Chaballa moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from her small hometown near Philadelphia to attend film school. During her time there, as well as after her graduation, she was the lead Production Designer for a variety of projects. These have ranged from short films, PSA‘s, a music video for a local Pittsburgh band, and an award-winning 19th century period piece, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Furtive Festivitywhich has been catching the attention of a large Sherlock Holmes fan community online. As a Production Designer, she enjoys exploring new film universes and creating them from the ground up, and she loves being involved with all aspects of the art department. This includes larger parts like set designing and dressing, all the way down to the tiny details involved with prop making. Erin is eager to face new challenges and easily adapts to any style of film or media she takes on. Her career goals are to focus on creating art that is visually appealing to the audience and tells an interesting story, whether that be through documentary, experimental, or narrative film. She currently resides in the Austin, Texas area.


Photo Credit: Vania Evangelique